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Hopkins Possible

No matter where life’s taken you after commencement, you share a unique ability with all Hopkins alumni for seeing potential where others see roadblocks. Hopkins Possible is an invitation to build a sense of Blue Jay pride and exchange stories and wisdom with our global community.

We’re Building an Interconnected Web of Stories & Expertise.

As a Hopkins alum, you’re a testament to tenacity and teamwork. Get inspired by stories from other alumni and share your own. Together, your insights can fuel the next generation of difference-makers, game-changers, and problem-solvers.

Hopkins Possible
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Maybe you’re embarking on a career change, starting a family, or making a difference in your community.

Wherever you are in life, your Hopkins education helped shape how you see the world. Together, we’re celebrating new adventures, old friendships, and lives with horizons full of possibility.

Gentleman sitting on box holding camera
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Hopkins Possible
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Hopkins alumni are ambassadors of possible.

Your hard-earned wisdom and insights are an asset to our global community. Find the people who share that same spirit and sense of possibility. Collaborate with a network of alumni, students, parents, and staff working together in cities around the world, for organizations large and small.

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two women hold beakers in front of a neon green background. they are wearing jewelry made out of biodegradable plastic.

“Our goal was to make something that was sustainable but also appealing, cool, trendy, and modern.”

  • Mecca McDonald, A&S ’21
  • Mia Dunn, Engr ’21
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Two gentleman out in the woods.

“This data needed to get to a wider audience if we wanted to make a real difference.”

  • David Marvin, A&S ’05
  • Kyle Gertridge, A&S ’10
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Hopkins Possible
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Hopkins alumni support each other—and the next generation of possible.

Whether you’re pursuing a career in your field of study or exploring new facets of your identity, your insights could be the key to making the impossible possible.

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A girl in a red dress plays the piano on a mobile stage.

“When we’re talking about breaking barriers, that’s what we want to encourage…”

  • Susan Zhang, Peab ’18 (GPD)
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gentleman standing in a suit

“With the Society of Black Alumni and all our identity programs, it’s about helping people find their community”

  • Wesley Wood, A&S ’97
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